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Here at north east remaps we use the most advanced equipment available on the market today.

As we are evermore investing in very latest automotive diagnostic equipment we are very pleased to anounce that with our new digital control eddy current 2wd 800bhp rolling road dyno & dastek control system inc state-of-the-art data acquisition system, we can do even more than ever, with one of durhams ONLY true rolling roads with both Inertial / braked road ramp simulation to highly acurate DIN standards, NOT like others, we can offer accurate & repeatable results, as well as the monitoring of various engine data:

dyno durham

  • Temperature
  • Injector Duty Cycle
  • Air to Fuel Ratio
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Boost Pressure
  • Flywheel Power & Torque
  • and many many more.



With our highly advanced datalogger it can enables us to help diagnose problems, help aid with intermittent problems & simulate real world conditions.

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